Update 1.2

Ok, so it really should be update 1.1.1, but I was going to add content and it fell through at the last minute and I didn't adjust the version number accordingly. I'll correct next update.

Mostly this update is bug fixes, and I'll post about the minutia for the exactly zero people that care about this stuff.

First off, there was a weird bug where if you used a card, posted some damage, then exited that card, opened a second card, exited without recording any damage and reentered the same card, the damage amount from the first card showed up. Weird, I know, but there it was. I'd be surprised if it ever came up for anyone (certainly no one has complained about it), but I came across it and therefore it is now fixed.

Second, apparently removing gestures in a view is not as easy as it may first appear. Turns out the API call that removes a gesture doesn't actually seem to do anything. So the answer is to loop through all the current gestures, find the one that matches the style you want to remove, and kick it out of there manually. No big deal, but it makes my code look a little meatier and manlier.

The only other changes were little updates to make the user experience better. I added a reset button for the tips that pop up the first time you run the app. I like to think things are intuitive, but it turns out that a lot of people don't know things like a double tap is the default way to flip an image. Also when people think of a swipe they tend to think left to right only. Don't forget that you can't swipe up as well!

Enjoy the update, there are more coming!


On Keeping Up-To-Date

You may have noticed that Hero Helper isn't updated right away when new WoWTCG expansions come out. That may be somewhat annoying, but there's a good reason for it.

In order to produce the high quality images of all the heroes, I actually scan the physical cards myself (any images I could find on the internet were not of sufficient quality) and I don't have access to any prerelease materials. That means I have to get the cards as quickly as possible, get them scanned in, update the app, and submit it to Apple for approval. The entire process can easily take a week or longer, but I think it's worth the wait considering the end result.

Hopefully you agree.


Logo-ed Up and Ready to Rock

Our new logo was recently finished and it looks great! Starting to feel like a real company now! We're getting very close to our first release and we think anyone that plays WoW TCG is gonna want it. I know I've found it indispensable in my testing, I'll never go back to tracking damage the old fashioned way.

I think you guys are gonna like it.


Brand new home for a brand new company

We (meaning I) at Hypercube Apps are proud to launch our new website.

It'll be growing and changing by leaps and bounds over the coming weeks but we (again, meaning I) couldn't be more thrilled to get started.

Let's do this.

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