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It's All Custom

Alternate title: Panels All the Way Down

In an effort to get all my apps up to 2.0 (why? Because! That's why!) I recently submitted Randominion 2.0 for review.

Even more than with Hero Helper, Randominion really deserves the 2.0 moniker. Almost everything about the app is new, from the interface to the algorithm. Randominion now sports the popular "sliding panel" interface (see: Path, Facebook, and about a dozen other apps). This frees up more vertical space on the screen and things generally are less crowded.

Speaking of the new algorithm, you can now choose to have either more or less attacks in your random game, not to mention you can swipe-to-replace a specific card to fine tune your random game a little bit.

The downside of the big rewrite is iOS 6 is required going forward, but this doesn't cut off any hardware that was previously supported, so hopefully you update as aggressively as I do and won't have a problem.

The update should be available any day now, so look for it. I think it's a huge improvement and I'm sure you'll agree.