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This one goes up to 2.0

Alternate title: When this baby hits 2.0, you're going to see some serious shit.

All's been quiet for a while, and that's been because I've been working on huge updates for both the apps. So big, in fact, that both apps are getting upgraded to version 2.0. Still free updates of course, but I'm changing and adding a lot.

The biggest, and most obvious change is both apps are getting a new theme, each unique but still consistent with each other. I've long felt that my apps needed a coherent look in order to stand out but at the same time make it clear they are from the same company. Now I'm bringing that look. The only downside is in order to do that I needed to bring Hero Helper up to iOS 5, but considering what a small percentage of iOS users are still on 4.x, I think it's worthwhile.

There are other big changes coming that I'm not ready to talk about, but they include new gestures for Hero Helper, and a total algorithm rewrite for Randominion. Both changes are designed to make the apps easier and more powerful to use.

Versions 2.0 should be rolling out soon, I think you'll really like them.